Top Nootropics And The Best Natural Nootropics

What would you do if you could help create the best version of yourself, full of energy, motivation and more?

You can increase your cognitive brain function by taking Nootropics, which are known as brain-boosters, “smart pills” and cognitive enhancers. Nootropics are “a group of substances that have shown after decades of clinical trials to show marked improvements in cognitive functions such as memory, abstract thinking, ability to concentrate and creative thinking,” according to

Since the 1970s, individuals have been using natural Nootropics for their brain-boosting properties. Hundreds of Nootropics are available. Some of the best natural Nootropics include the following:

      • Huperzine-A: An alkaloid in the Chinese moss plant that treats Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia
      • 5-HTP: Increases “happiness,” promotes weight loss, decrease night terrors, helps with digestive issues
      • GABA: Decreases anxiety and promotes relaxation; a natural Growth Hormone boost
      • Rhodiola: Promotes overall mental performances by preserving instead of promoting cognitive functions
      • Ginko Biloba: Increases short-term memory, focus, problem solving

Some of the best synthetic Nootropics are:

      • Modafinil: Promotes “wakefulness” and treats diseases, like narcolepsy
      • Aniracetam: One of the most popular and clinically proven Nootropics; increases memory, learning abilities and focus
      • Noopept: Increases memory retention, perception and learning
      • Vinpocetine: Treats cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s

In many cases, individuals may choose to stack Nootropics, which maximizes the benefits of several natural and synthetic Nootropics. This could include using other Nootropics or combining them with stimulants, such as theanine or caffeine. Conducting research before taking combinations of Nootropics is highly recommended, as combinations of Nootropics and other medications can have negative effects.

An example of a Nootropics stack is below. It reduces anxiety, increases memory and supercharges motivation (BrainTropic):

Taken 2 times per day:

    • 100 mg Caffeine
    • 200 mg L-Theanine
    • 300 mg NALT
    • 250 mg Alpha GPC

Other Supplements:

    • 500 mg Sulbutiamine (morning only)
    • 750 mg Aniracetam (morning only)
    • 20 mg Noopept (afternoon only)

While many Nootropics are not available over the counter, most are available online. In the United States, Nootropics can be used as dietary supplements and not to treat medical conditions. To buy Nootropics, visit your local health food store or some grocery stores, like Whole Foods. According to “As a rule of thumb, these nootropics aren’t the best supplement brands available, and may contain a large range of contaminants, undesirable ingredients and even unlisted fillers.”


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