Pramiracetam – Piracetam’s Big Brother

Pramiracetam is a drug that is also associated with the Racetam family and has been known as the “big brother” to Piracetam because of the drug being referenced as 30 times stronger than its counterpart.

Pramiracetam is not a drug to make you instantly smarter but through daily usage it will improve aspects such as memory and learning.

Pramiracetam History

This drug was discovered in the late 1970’s by the scientists of the pharmaceutical company named Parke-Davis. This company was widely known as it was once the largest pharmaceutical company in the entire world and developed the first systematic approach to perform clinical trials for new drugs.

The development for this product began when Parke-Davis was performing clinical trials on people with major depression disorders that needed electroconvulsive therapy. The type of people that were sampled in the trials were people that had major head trauma from accidents such as in a car crash.

Eventually, after many more trials the drug was licensed in the countries of Europe and the United States to be available for purchase on the market.

Pramiracetam Dosage Guidelines

Because of Pramiracetam’s short half-life of 5 hours the drug should be dosed out accordingly to provide a steady influx of the drug. The common dosing protocols of this drug are to either dose out 400mg three times a day of 600mg twice a day.

It is also suggested that you should take a choline supplement alongside the Pramiracetam.

Benefits of Pramiracetam

There are a variety of benefits to the drug Pramiracetam but the main benefit to this drug is its ability to increase acetylcholine intake of the hippocampus part in the brain which is responsible for the development of new memories. This process will allow the user to increase their creativity to new levels by expanding their mind’s imagination.

Another great benefit to this drug is it will increase the flow of blood to your brain which will make you feel more attentive in your cognitive processes. The increased blood flow to the brain will also lead to a quicker speed of recall in memory exercises.

Pramiracetam Studies

In otherwise healthy elderly persons with memory loss, supplementation or Pramiracetam over 12 weeks has been noted to improve objective memory retention to a larger degree than memory training (90 minutes weekly with tutors) although the two were additive.[21] Otherwise healthy youth with cerebral injuries paired with memory complaints at a similar dose of Pramiracetam (as sulphate; 400mg thrice daily) has noted improvements in memory and cognition, which persisted over 18 months of open label therapy and one month cessation


The effect of the Nootropic drug Pramiracetam (CI-879) on acquisition of a radial arm maze task was examined in the rat. Two doses of Pramiracetam (7.5 mg/kg and 15 mg/kg) were administered daily prior to testing for 7 weeks in a 16-arm radial maze in which nine arms were baited with food. This procedure permitted a distinction between working memory (short-term) and reference memory (long-term). Both doses of Pramiracetam significantly improved performance in the reference memory component of the task. This data indicates that Pramiracetam does enhance some aspects of spatial learning and memory.


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