Piracetam is a Nootropic supplement and is beginning to gain a massive amount of popularity after the showing of the movie Limitless. This movie has helped provide a lot of exposure for the world of Nootropics because it showed the fantasy of a person being able to gain a limitless mindset through the use of these supplements.

When people realized that there are products on the market that can actually help you increase your mental being they jumped on the product immediately which is why many Nootropics are widely used throughout Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 CEO’s.

History of Piracetam

Piracetam was first created in 1964 by a Belgium Pharma company named Union chimique belge. The scientist that led the project was a man named Corneliu E. Giurgea. Guirgea was a Romanian psychologist that received a Ph.D. in medicine through the University of Bucharest.

Guirgea was most known for his contributions to the Nootropic Industry that involved creating the prototype of a Nootropic. When creating the products, Guirgea gave them the name of Nootropics translating to “bend the mind” which is exactly what these supplements do by allowing one to bend their mind and shape it for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Eventually, UCB pharma launched its product Piracetam on the market under the trade name Nootropil and was widely used throughout the countries of Europe.

Benefits of Piracetam

There are many benefits to supplementing with Piracetam as the drug is seen to increase the blood flow to both hemispheres of the brain. This increased blood flow allows our mind to be able to connect ideas and enhance our imagination resulting in a better creativity level.

This product is also involved in enhancing the certain aspects of our brain such as learning and memory.

Lastly, not only does Piracetam enhance our mind, but it also protects it too as the supplement is seen to fend off the physical and chemical abuses in the brain which can cause Dementia or Alzheimer’s in our later years.

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Science Behind Piracetam

There have been many different studies that help back the credibility of Piracetam’s effects on brain cognition and creativity:

One study in 16 otherwise healthy subjects (3:1 male) using 400mg Piracetam taken thrice a day (1200mg total) for a period of 14 days conducted in a matched pair manner (8 given the drug in double-blind manner) noted that while no differences existed at baseline or 7 days in, that 14 days in the Piracetam group was significantly better at a test of backwords word recall; suggesting improvements to short-term working memory

A meta-analysis has been performed including nineteen double blind, placebo controlled studies with Piracetam in patients suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment in the elderly. These studies had as common outcome measure a clinical global impression of change, a measure of clinically meaningful improvement. The results of the meta-analysis demonstrate a difference between those individuals treated with Piracetam and those given placebo. While there may be problems in meta-analyses and the interpretation of the statistical results, the results of this analysis provide compelling evidence for the global efficacy of Piracetam in a diverse group of older subjects with cognitive impairment.

A double-blind, intra-individual cross-over comparison of the mental performance of 18 aging, non-deteriorated individuals during two 4-week periods of Piracetam (1-acetamide-2-pyrrolidone) and placebo administration was performed using conventional and computerized perceptual-motor tasks. In a majority of these tasks the subjects did significantly better when on Piracetam than on placebo, a finding consistent with ratings completed by two independent observers.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/785952

Guidelines for Dosage

Piracetam has been seen to be safe with very minimal side effects at dosages from 300 mg to 4800 mg. Although there is a wide range of what is safe to take with this supplement it is seen that a dosage of 800 mg is considered average.

There is a certain method that many users have been doing that involves taking a “loading dose” which is around 2 to 3 times the average dosage for a week. The reason that users are taking the supplement this way is that it will provide a quicker effect for those people who like quick results.


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