Looking to pass that upcoming exam? Struggling to remember what you had for dinner yesterday? Not even sure how you got to this article? Oxiracetam could be the supplement for you. Belonging to the racetam family, oxiracetam is a brain development supplement that can increase clarity of thought, focus, concentration and the enviable increased capacity to store and collect information.

For the technically minded, oxiracetam works by activating the glutamate receptor in the brain, which is a part of the brain vital for long and short term memory and learning. For this reason it is often used to treat neurological disorders and diseases, though it is also commonly used as a study aid for otherwise young, healthy people.

Oxiracetam is often sold as a water-soluble powder, which can be mixed into a liquid and consumed by drinking. Generally speaking, users will take between two and three doses, where it will take about an hour before the oxiracetam will have an effect on the user. Overuse can lead to a number of side effects including headaches, nausea, dizziness and insomnia. For this reason, it can be quite common for users to buy pre-measured capsules rather than rely on measuring out their own oxiracetam.

Despite this, oxiracetam is widely considered to be a safe, non-toxic supplement that has a minimal risk of inducing dependancy in its users. It is considered to be a ‘pure’ nootropic, in that the benefits of taking it are related to cognitive functioning. On top of general improvements in memory and learning, the following benefits have been reported by its users:

  • Observational skills. Heightened levels of awareness and the ability to think faster and more clearly are reported to improve a user’s situational awareness and observation.
  • Improved concentration. The increased ability to focus on a task and allow them to pay attention is a commonly reported by its users – often also improving motivation through complete focus.
  • Analytical reasoning. Many studies have shown that oxiracetam is able to increase both contextual and spatial abilities, drastically boosting a user’s logical thinking and enhanced learning capability.

Finally, oxiracetam has been shown to act as a neuroprotective. This not only protects the brain, but works as an antioxidant, helping relieve the brain of various toxins – including the ability to reverse much of the damage inflicted by alcohol abuse.

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