NZT 48: The life-changing drug

For those wanting to make drastic life changes, NZT-48 could be the supplement for you. Unfortunately it only exists in the movies. Or does it?

NZT-48 — thallanylzirconio-methyl-tetrahydro-triazatriphenylene or the “clear pill” — is a psychotropic medication fictionalized in the 2011 movie, “Limitless,” starring Bradley Cooper.

According to the promotional website for the drug, it can increase short- and long-term memory, higher brain function, hand-eye coordination, the overall immune system, memory capacity, muscle memory and more. NZT-48 works within the synapses of the hippocampus, amygdale and striatum in the brain to maximize the benefits. The instructions are one pill per day for seven consecutive days.

When taken correctly, people may experience the effects of NZT-48 30 to 60 seconds after taking a dose. It heightens the senses, which makes the individual more perceptive. They claimed to feel more energetic during exercise, sex and everyday activities. It makes you smarter and more desirable, have more energy and get ahead in life.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

While this is a fictional representation of a pill that uses 100 percent of a person’s brain, some other pills exist that give real people real ways to use more of their brains for their work and pleasure. One of those such pills is known as Modafinil. These pills are popular with Wall Street employees and online entrepreneurs looking for a hyper-focused way to tackle work and personal responsibilities.

Modafinil, known as Provigil in the United States, has been approved by the FDA for narcolepsy; however, over time, entrepreneurs and others have begun using the drug as a nootropic or “smart drug.”

Some people describe the effects of pills like Modafinil similar to when Dorothy Gale first sees the Munchinland in “The Wizard of Oz.” Everything went from a bland sepia-tone color to vivid technicolor. According to New York Magazine, one person explained the effects in the following way:

[Peter] Borden ordered a three-week supply by mail. (‘It was a piece of cake,’ he says.) He popped his first pill—‘the maximum suggested dose’—as soon as the package arrived, and within a few hours he started feeling a pleasant fuzziness. ‘Not fuzzy-headed,’ he says, ‘but crisp. A crisp softness to it.’ Soon he was experiencing a level of concentration he’d never imagined. ‘My senses sort of shifted to the visual, and my auditory sense went down. Sounds didn’t even register. It was like walking around on a winter day when it just snowed. It was very easy to stay visually focused.’

Along with the highs, the supplement also comes with dramatic lows. It can cause sleep deprivation, anxiety and more. People are encouraged to not take the drug, due to limited studies and research regarding its use as a nootropic.

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