Natural Alternatives to Adderall

There are, of course, many chemical alternatives to Adderall. For those suffering with ADHD, or even anxiety, they will likely have been prescribed many of these alternatives long before they receive Adderall. The question is, can the effects of Adderall be found without relying on chemical stimulation? Are there natural alternatives to Adderall?

One of the positive effects of Adderall is the release of dopamine – the so called ‘Pleasure Chemical’. This generally lifts a user’s mood and energy levels by stimulating the reward centres of the brain, so can certainly be reproduced through activity designed to increase your body’s levels of dopamine.

1. Aerobic Exercise

ADHD, in particular, is caused by hyperactivity as a result of having too much excess energy. Aerobic exercise, therefore, is an incredibly effective natural alternative to Adderall. Running, swimming, cycling – any prolonged period of exercise designed to increase the heart rate and work the muscles of your body can be a huge psychological boost to your mind and body.

2. Dietary Changes

Several naturally occurring minerals are hugely important for treating ADHD symptoms and is therefore a vital part of finding a natural alternative to Adderall. Zinc, magnesium and iron are all particularly important for anyone choosing to find a natural alternative for Adderall. Whether it is more helpful to take supplements or simply move toward food high in these minerals, meeting the minimum requirements is of huge importance.

Spinach, beef, shrimp, beans, bananas – the list of foods to make a point of eating is quite substantial, and certainly not hard to find in this day and age. Keep an eye on a food’s nutritional information and you would be quite surprised what is contained inside.

3. Transcendental Meditation

This may feel like a wildcard, but Transcendental Meditation is a form of meditation experiencing huge growth across the world right now. Known for significantly reducing stress, anxiety and hyperactivity, Transcendental Meditation is the simple act of chanting a word or phrase that is private and personal to its user, twice a day for no more than ten minutes at a time.

This form of meditation would benefit anybody experiencing the above symptoms and more, as it has the added bonus of boosting focus, learning and memory and would make a perfect natural alternative to Adderall.

There are many other natural alternatives to Adderall – the trick is finding what works for you and what impact you can make on your life before committing to a chemical solution.

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