Why You Shouldn’t Buy Addium

Taking Addium is like throwing away your money

With the rise of nootropics in the nutraceutical market, it is sometimes difficult to identify supplements that promise the world but don’t deliver. Addium is one of the nootropics that many critics say is not worth the money and uses less-than-ethical ways to promote its product.

According to its official marketing, Addium helps you maintain a balance of energy, focus and brain performance. It contains “Vitamin B3 Niacin, Vitamin B6, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Vinpocetine, Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, Gaba, and Bacopa Monnieri,” as well as Huperzine A. It is unclear how much of these ingredients Addium actually contains, and the studies on the website had a limited number of participants, making it an unsound study with limited representation.

One red flag is the sensationalized marketing campaigns and false advertising surrounding Addium. For example, one headline and click-bait ad announced, “Controversial ‘Limitless Pill’ Used By The 1%.” Also, the claims that the supplement was featured on Dr. Oz and used as the inspiration for NZ-48 in the “Limitless” feature film was false. The false advertising used fake tweets and tweaked magazine articles in order to push their products. While many of the reviews of the supplement are positive on Amazon and other sites, many think they are fake reviews.

Rob Miller, a supplement reviewer, tested Addium, conducted research and described his experience:

It took about an hour to kick in, but when it did, I felt the same as some other reviewers did. It felt like I had drank 5 cups of coffee in 5 minutes. Jittery hands, a shaky voice, and an incessant nervous twitch in my eyelid. Definitely not a comfortable feeling. … As the hours passed I have to admit I did feel a bit more motivated” to get some work done. I also felt less distracted, and even a bit more sociable than usual. … By the end of the day, I definitely started feeling a pretty big crash, which based on the way I felt earlier I wasn’t totally surprised.The most noticeable effect was a headache…a splitting headache. I also felt a bit lethargic, kind of like the feeling you get after a REALLY long day.The kind where you just want to sit around in a dark room and watch reruns of ‘Breaking Bad.’

While Addium can still be purchased through third-party vendors, the website has been taken down — or perhaps the drug has been renamed, which is tendency of controversial dietary supplements.

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