The Best Brain Foods To Prepare Yourself For An Exam

What are good brain foods to take before an exam?

For many of us, taking an exam produces anxiety, fear, dread or more. These things can be counterproductive, so how do you combat them? In addition to studying the course material, you can boost your brain’s performance by eating specific foods. Apart from keeping you calm, they can increase your memory and help you think quicker too.

Here are 10 foods that will aid in your endeavors and ensure you are always at your best:
• Nuts (pistachios, walnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts): Good sources of vitamins, boost brain’s powers, increase brain’s processing of information, exhibit antidepressant effects and more. On top of this, the act of chewing is scientifically proven to stimulate your brain and become more focused.
• Blueberries: Increase verbal comprehension, decision making, memory and numerical ability.
• Yogurt: Ensures that your body and “gut” are in proper working order and helps to digest more of the brain’s super foods.
• Apples: Improve sensory perception.
• Broccoli: Helps prepare the brain after an injury; also repairs and renews the brain’s neuroconnectors.
• Salmon: Contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids and can make new neural pathways in the brain.
• Pumpkin Seeds: Keeps you focused and increases your overall brain power, due to the high levels of zinc.
• Dark Chocolate: Helps to relieve stress and also makes you more of a problem solver while improving your memory and focus.
• Sage: Fine tunes your critical thinking skills and cultivates your overall memory.
• Eggs: Maintains your alertness and keeps you at peak energy levels; also helps with the developing brain.

While one of these brain foods for exams alone will help you retain concentration and other factors, a combination of these foods is the most effective method to maintain your body and brain’s balance while also achieving your goals. Keep trying new foods without reliance on one particular item on this list. Reach for these foods when you are studying and before an exam or project.

In addition to these foods, drinking enough water can prevent dehydration and make sure you are at the top of your game to tackle the tasks at hand.

Save the sugary foods for the exam itself

Some foods to avoid before your big exam? Anything with high levels of sugar, such as candy, soda or anything that will ensure a crash during the exam. Sugar makes you lose concentration, although it can give you an extra boost during an exam. Basically: stay away from sugary foods before the exam, but feel free to take a candy bar, banana, or dark chocolate with you in case you start losing energy during the exam itself.

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