The Best Tea For Staying Focused

Drinking tea for focus and concentration has been a staple of cultures for centuries. In addition, consuming tea on a regular basis can help you shrink your waistline, have a healthy heart, you properly digest foods and more.

According to John Foxe, a professor of neuroscience and an expert on the mechanisms of attention at the City University of New York, “we have reports going back thousands of years that drinking tea makes people feel relaxed. But, it also seems to make them more alert.”

Many studies have been conducted to showcase the benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis. The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which produces green and black teas, helps the brain’s alpha rhythms to decrease, which in turn, promotes a more focused and concerted effort to tasks. In addition, L-theanine and caffeine work wonders together — better together than separately.

Consider starting your day or combating that mid-afternoon slump with one of the herbal teas below.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is coveted for its wide array of antioxidants, including the L-theanine amino acid. Drinking a cup of green tea can give you just the caffeine boost you need, as well as helping you retain more information and remain focus on tasks at hand.

2. Periwinkle

Natural chemicals in periwinkle help treat Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition to improving memory levels, periwinkle is a blood thinner, which improves circulation.

Gotu Kola Tea

3. Gotu Kola

This form of ancient medicine is used in modern times to boost focus, concentration, attention span, clarity and more.

4. Rosemary

The molecular structure of rosemary is effective to manage stress and allows individuals to remain more focused. Studies suggest that rosemary could decrease high cortisol levels, which contribute to losing focus and general agitation.

5. Guayusa

This herbal tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that increase metabolism and improve blood sugar. Plus, it’s an Amazon-rainforest-grown herb that helps keep a consistent level of focus.

6. Yerba Mate

This South American form of herbal tea has more than 90 percent more antioxidants than green tea. If you want decaffeinated tea, then this option is for you. It also elevates clarity and focus while preventing headaches, stomaches and jitters sometimes associated with caffeinated beverages.

Brew your favorite tea for focus from the above list today and begin to reap the benefits.

Yerba Mate Tea

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