Aniracetam Dosage and Efficacy

Aniracetam is known as an ampakine Nootropic that is also part of the Racetam family. This means that this supplement belongs to a class of compounds that are seen to increase a person’s attention span and overall alertness.

The compound class is also seen to help in the facilitation of memory and learning. Aniracetam has tested out to be much more potent than Piracetam and it is known to be the fastest absorbing Racetam in the entire family.

Benefits of Aniracetam

There is a variety of benefits for the Nootropic, with the main focus on increased creativity. This increased creativity is the result of the supplement being able to reduce your anxiety and depression which in turn allows your mind to become more free to think of new ideas.

Aniracetam also helps in increasing the cognitive aptitudes of the brain through its ability to increase the blood flow to the brain. The drug also provides an antioxidant effect on the brain to protect from disorders such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Aniracetam Dosage Guidelines

The current range for Aniracetam’s dosage protocol is from 400mg to 3000mg. Although there is a large range of dosages that can be taken it is advised that you begin with a dosage of 750mg to see how your body adjusts to the effects.

It is also advised that people should take a choline supplement along with the Aniracetam if they begin to experience headaches while using the product.

Aniracetam History

The history of the drug begins in the early 1970’s when it was first developed by a pharmaceutical company named Hoffmann – La Roche. The reason behind the company developing this drug is that they were looking to treat certain cognitive processes of the brain that effect memory and learning.

Though the process of many clinical trials the company eventually formulated a drug named Aniracetam. This company was also very successful in creating helpful drugs as it was also the first company to mass produce Vitamin C.

Aniracetam Efficacy

Aniracetam is often used in elderly patients suffering from memory problems due to Alzheimer or other concentration problems. A placebo-controlled study on 60 elderly patients (with an average age of 70) showed a clear improvement in cognitive capabilities when treated with Aniracetam

Patients were treated with 1500 mg/day of Aniracetam or a placebo. Drug efficiency evaluation was performed utilizing the following psychometric tests: Blessed Scale, figures repetition test, Benton test, Corsi test, Rey test, Pieron test, phrases construction test, verbal fluency test. They were carried out during basal visit after two and four month treatment. In Aniracetam treated group the score showed a significant improving during the first and second control. In placebo treated group no change statistically considerable happened in any test. Aniracetam has proved to be a useful drug in slight-moderate brain decay treatment of the elderly.




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